Midwinter Kitchen is named after our 92-acre Midwinter Farms in Ancram, New York.

Our farm to table experience is very unique as we grow the food we serve. We farm naturally, humanely and sustainably. We pasture-raise chicken, pork, black angus beef. We produce eggs, honey, maple syrup, forage and grow seasonal produce. We are dedicated to offer the freshest, tastiest ingredients and aim to achieve a complete food cycle: from Land to Table to Land again as we compost all pre-consumer restaurant scraps.

Our vision is to go back to a more intimate and respectful relationship with the food we eat, the talented growers and the land they nurture. We hope to be a small part of that consciousness by reconnecting our guests with our very special harvest.

We invite you to enjoy our creative cuisine, curated with the slow-food movement in mind, presenting seasonal menus, locally focused and aesthetically driven, served graciously in a casual comfortable environment.